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Tymanther was a displaced section of the Abeirian, dragonborn-ruled state of Tymanchebar.[1]


Despite having been ripped from the world of Abeir, Tymanther was a relatively calm region of forests, mountains, and plains. Tymanchebar was literally dropped onto the Unther region, rather than being transposed like Akanûl to the north. The impact resulted in the desolate region known as the Black Ash Plain.[1]


Tymanther was ruled by the Vanquisher Tarhun, a monarch and a general, who maintains the dragonborn's hardline agenda of dragon hatred. The fortress-city of Djerad Thymar was the seat of power for a highly militant dragonborn kingdom, struggling to make a name for themselves in the lands of Faerûn. All citizens spend some time in the Lance Defenders, the kingdom's highly trained army, and the population was ever-ready to take up arms again should the city be threatened.[1]


Tymanther was misunderstood as a nation of dragonborn and its trading partners were limited. It had good relations with High Imaskar and Chessenta. They held a deep mistrust of the dragon princes of Murghôm, believing they were only a step away from the tyrannical dragon empires of Abeir.[1]


During the Spellplague, the nation was dropped onto the kingdom of Unther. The dragonborn of Djerad Thymar founded the kingdom of Tymanther in tribute to their lost brethren, and to the kingdom they inadvertently destroyed. Around 1479 DR, Tymanther was making a name for itself with its small elite cadres of soldiers attacking well-known dragon lairs. Some of these troops returned as heroes, and they spread the reputation of Tymanther to the rest of Faerûn.[1]

During the Sundering, the people of Unther who had been transported to Abeir by the Spellplague returned to Toril and immediately went to war with Tymanther. The dragonborn nation was quickly reduced to small holdings along the coast of the Alamber Sea and Ash Lake, but the dragonborn themselves still fiercely defend what they little territory they have.[3]

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