A tyrannosaurus rex was a carnivorous dinosaur.[2]


Tyrannosauruses were enormous predators and fast runners. They hunted any creature they considered edible, and were terrors to all other creatures in their territory. If prey was scarce, a tyrannosaurus could survive on carrion and smaller creatures.[2]


Tyrannosaurs were found in Chult. One devoured the adventuring companions of Elijah Moonspeak in the early 14th century DR.[4]


The god Ubtao manifested his avatar in the form of an enormous tyrannosaurus rex, over twice its normal size. During the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, he stalked the jungles of Chult in this form, and battled the snake god Sseth. As dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs were believed to be among the Children of Ubtao.[5]

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