Tyrda Q'Helvor was Pommarch on the Council of Six in Amn from 1362 DR, the Lady of House Q'Helvor from 1359 DR, and the first woman on the council.[citation needed]


She was only the head of a moderately successful family of pottery merchants from Esmeltaran before being chosen by the Iltarch for an empty position in the council.[citation needed]


Very secretly, Tyrda was an able wizard and Rhinnom Dannihyr, having discovered her secret through the Shadow Thieves, planned to use Tyrda as a secret weapon against the Cowled Wizards in a time of need. She eventually agreed with Dannihyr's plan only because her position in the council greatly advantaged her businesses.[citation needed]


Tyrda was trained by her father to trust only herself and moneys and suspected of everything.[1]



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