Tystarn Dauntinghorn was an unwitting spy for the Night Masks in 1370 DR.[1]


Tystarn was an expatriate Cormyrean noble who closely resembled Manshoon.

He arrived in Westgate in 1368 DR to represent his family interests in the area, but when Manshoon saw the resemblance to himself, he immediately charmed Tystarn and usurped his position. Manshoon used Tystarn's guise to approach and seduce Thistle Thalavar.

When Tystarn was in possession of his senses, he worked as a spy for the Night Masks, reporting all useful information he gained in his business and noble life. However, Tystarn had no idea about his true masters, believing instead he worked for the Men of the Basilisk[1]


Tystarn was given a ring of swimming ostensibly by the Men of the Basilisk, but in reality it was a shoonring of swimming from Manshoon. In addition to granting aquatic abilities, it also prevented the detection or dispelling of charms on him, thus giving Manshoon extra insurance against anyone discovering his duplicitous ploy.[1]



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