Tzakand were the result of illithid tadpoles being inserted into lizardfolk. The tzakandi were used as personal guards and slave laborers. They were a race specific to the city of Oryndoll and were all made from the lizardfolk of Surkh by the Nourisher Creed.[2]


Tzakandi, even after ceremorphosis, resembled lizardfolk. They had more intelligence in their eyes and also had two long, writhing tentacles that emerged from the back of their heads. Their skin was a deeper tone of green and their heads were also longer than those of regular lizardfolk.[1]


The larvae chosen for implementation tended to be more aggressive and less intelligent according to illithid standards. These tadpoles would otherwise be consumed by the elder brain.[1]

As soon as tzakand were created from lizardfolk, they attached themselves to the first illithid they saw. They were fanatically loyal to that illithid and would serve that illithid without question.[1]

Tzakandi were always on edge, looking for the next fight their masters would send them to. They were highly valued by the illithids because of their ferocity. However, they were still treated as inferiors. They were perfectly content with the position they had in illithid communities.[1]


Even with their ferocity, tzakandi were highly disciplined and organized. In combat, tzakandi worked as pairs where one would keep the opposing fighters busy while the other would go after the spellcasters and psionicists. Their routine of attacking was to first strike at their opponent with both of their claws and then lean in to bite them. This was different if they wielded a weapon.[1]

At the start of a fight, tzakandi would activate their psionic defenses, and then would effectively use their psionic attacks to weaken their opponents before charging into battle.[1]

If they faced overwhelming odds, they employed hit and run tactics, where one tzakandi would fight while the other would run for cover and prepare to use psionics against the enemy. The only time they would stand their ground and fight to the death was when they were stationed as bodyguards.[1]


They were able to fire a glob of acid from their tentacles once a day. Their aim was amazingly accurate. An unlucky hit meant that the target was struck blind for a short period of time.[1]

They also had access to the psionic disciplines of psychokinesis and psychometabolism.[1]


In Oryndoll, there were around 7,600 tzakandi. These ceremorphs formed the backbone of the martial forces of Oryndoll and were mostly controlled by the Tamer Creed. The Tamers placed the tzakandi into the Errant Thoughts. Tzakandi were barracked all over the city in the Armories. They were also all over the city and its outskirts as guards. One landmark in particular they were ordered to guard was the Void Pool.[3]



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