Ueda Teishi was a retainer of the Goshukara clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Teishi was a supporter of Goshukara with a bad fortune.[1]


Teishi was lost after the death of his valorous and wise father Ueda Umaki. In 1357 Teishi was framed and in verge to being exiled from Nakamaru but he thought that was a plot of his enemies, especially Tsuga Mosuke, a strong supporter of Funada Toyoo. So he asked the help of Kidera Takeshi, that was in life-debt with Umaki, to kill Mosuke before too late [2]


Teishi was a headstrong and foolish man, not ready for live in the world. He believed that all his misfortunes were all due to the plots and envies of others. He was obsessed with the idea that powerful enemies were seeking his destruction.[1]



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