Ulatos was the only city of any size in Payit on the continent of Maztica.[2]


It was conquered by Cordell and the Golden Legion in 1361 DR.[2]


The Revered Counselor Caxal was allowed by the Amnnians to remain the figurehead ruler of Ulatos. The Mazticans were allowed to settle disputes among themselves but disputes involving Faerûnians were adjudicated by a tribunal composed of representatives of the Council of Six and the Church of Helm.[1]


The city was dominated by a huge pyramid temple of Qotal in the center of the city. The pyramid had lush hanging gardens and a magical spring on top.[2] The Grand Market occupied the former site of the pyramid of Zaltec. Goods of both Faerûnian and Maztican origin could be found here. Caxal's Palace was a modest twelve-room palace that faced the plaza of the pyramids.[1]


The Amnnians banished worship of the evil Maztican gods but tolerated worship of the more benign gods. The pyramid of Zaltec was torn down and its stones were used to construct the fort in Helmsport. The grand market of Ulatos was erected on the former site of the pyramid. Azul's pyramid was torn halfway down and a temple of Helm was erected at the site. The pyramids of Plutoq, Kiltzi, and Watil were left intact and rituals were still performed on these sites.[1]


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