Ulder Ravengard was the marshal of the Flaming Fists and the Baldur's Gate leading delegate at the Council of Waterdeep during the Tyranny of Dragons.[1]


Ulder was a fighter, rising the ranks of the Flaming Fists with the might of his blade and the sharpness of his wits. Although his city and his soldiers needed reconstruction after the resurrection of Bhaal inside Baldur's Gate. Ulder dreamed of the glory, to crush the Cult of the Dragon forces leading his soldiers[1] By 1488 DR he was also one of the Grand Dukes.[2]


Ulder was a warrior at heart, with a great martial acume; he sometimes lacks sophistication and tact but possesses an unwavering commitment to the law. Ulder is More comfortable with soilders, thinking in the terms of giving and obeying orders. More comfortable with soldiers, Ulder thinks in term of giving and obeying orders. He also has a great sense of duty to his city and wants to regain the lost Baldur's Gate's pride; he thinks the glory in defeating Tiamat will be a good opportunity. If only to ensure that others think Baldur's Gate is the strongest city in Faerûn.[1]




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