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Ulgar the Undying was a vampire who lived on Ulgar's Isle in the Pirate Isles.

He became a vampire in Unther over 2,000 years ago (as of 1370 DR), was banished to the island, and was later released by pirates. A lack of blood turned him insane.

As of 1370 DR, he prowled the island with his vampiric minions, preying on anyone who traveled there. His vampiric minions were magically bound to the island and were unable to leave.

Ulgar was approached by members of the Twisted Rune who sought to become his ally. They fed him a steady supply of slaves in an attempt to restore his sanity. The Twisted Rune offered a way for Ulgar to leave the island in exchange for all of his accrued knowledge. Ulgar intended to rule Chessenta when he was able to do this.[1][2]


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