Ulnorn, blood of Jalabar was one of the dwarves who would found the kingdom of Roldilar in the Vast in north Faerûn in the 7th century DR. He was a warrior and a descendent of Jalabar.


After its forging and enchantment in the Year of the Many Serpents, 605 DR, the magical sword Sarghathuld, or "Orcbane" was given to Ulnorn. Wielding Orcbane, Ulnorn fought with courage in the dwarves' battles against the orcs of Vastar, culminating in that realm's fall in the Year of the Spellfire, 610 DR, and the rise of the dwarven kingdom of Roldilar.

Ulnorn later journeyed to Myth Drannor in its heyday, and there dwarven craftsmen and elven mages further enchanted Sarghathuld. But with the fall of Myth Drannor in the Year of Doom, 714 DR, Sarghathuld disappeared from history for almost twenty years.[1] [note 1]



  1. Ulnorn's fate is not stated, but given the circumstances and loss of Sarghathuld, it may be presumed he fell in the fall of Myth Drannor.


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