House Ulondarr

Considered the founders of Semberholme, members of the Ulondarr clan have devoted their lives to maintaining Semberholme, following the appearance of the avatar of Corellon to their ancestors thousands of years ago. While some Ulondarr families can be found in Myth Drannor and Old Elven Court, the majority of them call Semberholme their home.

Vesperr Ulondarr, a kind and benevolent elf who loves elven children more than anything else on Faerûn has led the clan for centuries. Most of the Ulondarr clan share Vesperr’s affection for the young, but none more than Vesperr himself. His duties to the Council of Trees has often been preempted by his hours of storytelling beneath the Tree of Knowledge.

Since the Ulondarrs freely offered their administration of Semberholme, few others stepped forward to share the responsibility.

This is partially due to the fact that most families did not stay in Semberholme more than three decades, and few especially power-hungry golds saw the need to control a community with no redeeming value in the political scheme of things. The Ulondarrs are doing an excellent job in Semberholme as far as all elves were concerned.

After the location of Semberholmme was agreed upon, the task of preparing the location for the elves fell to the hands of the Ulondarr Clan of moon elves. While inspecting the site, the members of the Ulondarr clan reported coming into contact with an avatar of Corellon Larethian. The avatar stated that Semberholme would be a place of peace where all elves are welcome. The proclamation also came with a warning that if elf slew elf within the forest of Semberholme, the elves of Cormanthyr would be banned from Arvandor for all time. The decree was passed on to all elves of the land, and from then on the Ulondarr devoted their clan to the wishes of Corellon and Semberholme.

Though a community of mostly non-combatants, the elves of the Ulondarr Clan had foreseen the possibility of invasions centuries before and formed the Moonshadows, an elite group of warriors and wizards devoted to protect the innocents of Semberholme. Between the Moonshadows, the limestone caves, and other creatures of the forest who aided them, aggressors were typically slain before even coming close to Semberholme.


While all the noble families of Cormanthor once had an active family kiira, the only clans at present that acknowledge the existence of a family kiira are these: the Alastrarra, Aunglor, Durothil, Haevault, Iliathor, Neirdre, Nimesin, Orbryn, Raedrimn, Starym, and Ulondarr.

Noble Families of Cormanthyr

The noble Houses of Myth Drannor have varied greatly across the millennia since the first priest arrived at Elven Court during the Crown Wars. By Myth Drannor's time, 48 Houses had risen and fallen since the time of Arcorar, and the oldest Houses that remained were the clans of Durothil, Irithyl, Nimesin, Echorn, Starym, Dahast, Ongluth, and Mistwinter (in order of seniority). These, along with the younger Clans Eaoleth and Ulondarr, are the 12 First Houses of Cormanthyr.

Major personalitiesEdit

  • Levos Ulondarr commander of the Eagle Wing cavalry, including the Griffonwing platoon. Death during Feast of the Moon – 1 Nightal 713.
His Dragon companion and mount: Sunsettalithanz (Bronze Dragon born in year 310)
  • Onas Ulondarr, Bladesinger, married to Maira Shieldark (Wizard from Arabel)
Children : Aliupiira, Vaela, Shaeia, Rashil (all Half-elf Rangers).
Was a comrades of Josidiah Starym when they brought back the Artblade, Ary'Faern'Kerym
  • Vesperr Ulondarr (LG, moon elf, F10/M9), elder of the Ulondarr clan, is the leader of the council in 650.

Though conservative and overprotective, Vesperr's decisions prove to be popular among all the clans of Semberholme.

Noble Villa: House UlondarrEdit

In Cormanthor, the central section and oldest part of the city, called Ahkiilor (place of duty)

Multidwelling Complex.

Grand: three 2-story Tree Dwellings. Minor: one four-story Ground Dwelling. Major: (lower tree levels at 30-120 feet (9-36m) above the ground, one level subterranean)

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