Uluran was a mountainous county in Kamlann in Tethyr.[1]


Uluran also went by the names Shepherd's County, since most of its inhabitants were shepherds, and the Tomb Hills, since most of the royalty of Tethyr were buried somewhere underneath its mountains. The latter tradition came about to prevent the looting of the graves of the royal families.[1]

In addition to shepherds, many among the population of Uluran were hunters and trappers.[1]


This long and narrow county of Kamlann was occupied primarily by the Starspire Mountains. To its west, on the Starspire Peninsula was its sister county of Starspur. To its north was the great forest of Wealdath, while across the Sulduskoon River to the south were the Purple Marches and the Crown Lands.[3]

Hawkwing's Brook, a tributary of the Sulduskoon,[4] divided the county—and the Starspire Mountains—in two.[3]


By 1370 DR, former member of Company of Eight, Silvanus Moondrop, ruled Uluran from his county seat at Uluran Keep.[1]



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