Uluvin is a cross-roads for several trails, including The Iron Road, Secomber Trail, a track into the High Forest and a trail to the Stronghold of the Nine. In 1373 DR, under the effects of the Dracorage mythal, the drow-dragon Nurvureem unleashed her fury on this sleepy village of 600 or so farmers and cattle ranchers. The village is now a graveyard, home only to the risen dead.

Prior to the Year of Rogue Dragons Uluvin was a sparsely-populated, dusty place, with few trees and a rather ill-begotten tavern named the Black Bull's Tail. The inn, Where the Maiden Dances, on the other hand, was surprisingly calm and restful and purported to be built on the ancient grave of an elven maiden. However, most traders avoided the town, preferring business along the High Road, though peddlers of minor trinkets and baubles could be found.