The Umar Hills were the foothills of the Small Teeth mountains on the north and south sides.[2][1]


The Imnescourse Trail crossed through the hills,[2] which were used for shepherding.[1]


Travelers were warned not to make the journey on the Imnescourse Trail through the hills at night, for the hills were the hunting grounds for wolves, who were rumored to be led by a werewolf. In addition, there were often goblin raids, and at least one will-o'-wisp.[1]


The hills were named after an old witch who for decades tormented the Amnian shepherds who worked in the hills. Her death was never proven, but her torture and enslavement of shepherds in the hills finally ended sometime around 870 DR.[1]


Tales were told of treasures of jewels buried in the hills by rich Tethyrian nobles fleeing the Tethyrian Interregnum.[3]



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