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In 4th edition, an unaligned individual is one who is not taking a stand for either good or evil. It indicates someone who is not making an effort to be good, evil or neutral; someone who is simply benign.[1] Some unaligned people choose not to choose, because they see the benefits of both sides, but most them are undecided about alignment.[2]

Unaligned replaces the neutral alignment of previous editions, but it is not the same.[3]

In 5th edition, Unaligned is the alignment of creatures with a in intelligence score too low to have a moral stand.[citation needed]


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1st, 2nd, 3.x, and 5th editions

Lawful goodNeutral goodChaotic good
Lawful neutral(True) neutralChaotic neutral
Lawful evilNeutral evilChaotic evil
4th edition

Lawful goodGoodUnalignedEvilChaotic evil

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