Undarl was a male malaugrym wizard who posed as one of the most powerful magelords of Athalantar and was killed by Elminster Aumar.[1]


In 224 DR, in the kingdom of Athalantar, Undarl killed Elthryn Aumar, the lord of the village of Heldon and a prince of Athalantar, and his wife Amrythale, but missed the Elthryn' son Elminster. This allowed Undarl to join the Magelords.

In later years, Undarl rose in the magelord's hierarchy and finally become the Royal Mage. However, in 240 DR, Elminster, by now a powerful wizard, started an insurrection against the magelords. All were killed and at last in a difficult confrontation, Elminster slew Undarl.


Undarl usually rode his black dragon Anglathammaroth.[2]


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