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Undead mount was a necromancy spell that animated a corpse or the bones of an animal big enough to carry the caster.[1]


Possible mounts were dead horses, mules, camels, oxen, griffons, hippogriffs, hippocampi, and other beasts of burden. Formerly flying creatures could not fly again but could ambulate.[1] An undead mount could carry riders and burdens up to 300 lb (136 kg).[2] An undead mount could not fight but moved quickly and silently, obeying the simplest of commands. The caster could choose to have the mount give off a faint blue, green, or yellow glow for extra eerieness.[1][2]

The older version of this spell created undead mounts that could not be turned.[2] The reanimations of the newer spell could be turned as skeletons if they were mostly bones or as zombies if they were mostly flesh. With a rider, the mount was only turned if the rider was successfully turned.[1]


This spell required the skeleton or corpse of a beast of burden, a bit of powdered hoof, a drop of water and a human hair in addition to the verbal and somatic components.[1] The skeleton or corpse did not have to be whole, i.e., broken bones or crippled corpses would still work. However, attempting to create a mount from an insufficient amount of bones caused the spell to fizzle. Bones or limbs from other creatures could be substituted in order to form a complete mount.[2]


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