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Undetectable alignment was an abjuration spell that shielded the subject's alignment from detection.[1] It was also the name of the reverse of the divination spell know alignment.[4][5]


This spell could be cast on a creature or an object within close range. This spell rendered the subject's alignment hidden and unknowable from all methods of divination for one day.[1][4][5]

When cast in reverse, the know alignment spell was a divination that allowed the caster to examine the aura of a person or object and get a reading on the alignment of the target. Creatures and objects with intelligence or a will had a chance to resist this spell, but if that failed, the caster could learn the non-neutral alignments (lawful vs. chaotic, good vs. evil) in one minute of quiet concentration. If the caster was able to remain still and concentrate for a full two minutes, then even the subtler alignments could be completely determined.[4][5]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1][4][5]


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