Undrentide was a Netherese flying city that floated in the south east of their territory, near the western border of what was then the Eastern Forest.[1]

It crashed to the earth when Karsus cast the spell that momentarily made him the god of magic. It was buried under the sands of Anauroch and forgotten, until the medusa sorceress Heurodis discovered a powerful artifact that allowed her to reawaken the mythallar that powered the city, gaining its powers for herself but also becoming a lich in the process. The city was rising to the skies again at her command when Drogan Droganson's Pupil and companions, who had followed her after she killed their master, confronted Heurodis and destroyed her along with the mythallar, fleeing to the Plane of Shadow as the city fell back to the earth a second time.[2]



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