Ungo-Ti was a member of the Order of the Snake in Fochu Peninsula in Wa.[1]


Ungo-Ti wandered the peninsula searching for clues about a reemergence of the Order of the Mouse and promising candidates to join the Snakes.[1]


In 1358 DR, Ungo-Ti was discovered in the village of Awajiga in Fochu Peninsula. He posed as one of the workers on the canal that the local shoya Ginoyo Yashishira had ordered built.

He sensed that some people of the foreign adventuring party that accompanied Osari Minhiro housed the souls of the Mouses. So he devised a trap for them in Awajiga, by sending a dream to the non-Mouse adventurers, plotting to destroy the people housing the Mouses and recruiting the others.[1]

His plan backfired because the party was too united and he escaped from Awajiga in order to find Snake reinforcements.[2]



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