Upsetting onslaught, also sometimes known as binding blast, is a spell used by some warlocks, particularly those of the dark pact. When upsetting onslaught is cast, the warlock casts a bolt of pure arcane power at a target of his or her choice within fifty feet. If the target fails to resist the bolt's effects upon their minds, they dazed into a stupor for a brief moment or take even greater injury. While the spell, which uses the warlock's charisma to fuel its power, usually attacks the mind of the opponent, dark pact warlocks can choose instead to attack the body, if they view it to be more vulnerable. Upsetting onslaught can be cast with relative ease and reacquired after its casting through a rest of a few minutes or more.

Prior to the Spellplague, upsetting onslaught was known more commonly as binding blast and was able to be cast at-will, rather than once every so often. In virtually all other ways, however, the spell was identical.


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