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Urds were distant relatives of kobolds, with the power of flight, due to a pair of bat-like wings. They were frail, around 3' (90 cm) tall with yellow to red scales and a pair of horns. Although they could live over a hundred years, life expectancy was only around fifty. They possessed darkvision. In combat, urds preferred to attack under the cover of darkness by dropping sharp stones from above.[1]


Urds worshiped their patron god, Kuraulyek. Some revered the kobold deity Kurtulmak instead, and Kuraulyek's priests made it their primary duty to wipe out incidences of Kurtulmak-worship from their flocks.[2]


Urds were found in the Starspire Mountains in County Starspur of Tethyr.[3]


The Treatise Historical of the Dragon Tyrants recounted that in circa -24500 DR, early members of the kobold race mated with chromatic dragons to produce the first dragonwrought kobolds. These dragonwrought kobolds came to work in teams known as wings, or urds in the Draconic language. The leader of the urds in those days was a blue dragonwrought kobold named Kuraulyek. Kuraulyek led the urds away from the kobold homeland in order to escape the first Rage of Dragons, settling in bat-haunted caverns beneath what are now called the Thunder Peaks. Without the urds to watch over the kobold lands, the dragon Caesinsjach slaughtered most of those kobolds who survived Garl Glittergold's collapse of their caverns. When Kurtulmak became divine, he vowed revenge on the cowardly Kuraulyek for deserting the kobolds in their hour of need, but Asgorath made Kuraulyek divine as well. The new god fled to the Barrens of Doom and Despair, where he remains to this day,[as of when?] still fearful of Kurtulmak's retribution.[4]

This tale may be somewhat apocryphal, however, since other sources placed the First Rage of Dragons five hundred years prior to the creation of the urds.[5]


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