Urdlen (pronounced: /ˈɜːrdlɛnURD-len[1]), also known as the Crawler Below, was a chaotic evil gnome deity. It took the form of a white mole, blind, hairless, sexless, but with claws of steel. A mindless force of evil and destruction, Urdlen was the only evil gnome deity. It was allowed to remain part of that pantheon by its leader Garl Glittergold as a reminder to all gnomes of the dangers of greed and bloodlust.[1]


Worship of Urdlen was limited to either secretive cults or a lurking threat on the margins of society. Its clerics waged war on the clergy of other gnome deities, or spent their time stealing works of art and other objects of great value and destroying or defacing them.[1]


Urdlen hated all the other gnomish deities, and they had no particular love for him as well. Its actions also earned the wrath of the gods of halflings, dwarves, and kobolds, as well as Grumbar.[1]


Urdlen insisted that all living things had to be killed, and that all things created by the living had to be destroyed. It exhorted its followers to hate, covet, ruin, and destroy; to succumb to bloodlust; to revel in orgies of destruction and exult in killing. It claimed the strong would survive and subjugate the weak, and demanded that it followers appease it would not come to them.[1]


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