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Urdun Brizik was a half-elf businessman and dancer in Mulmaster.[1]


The half-elf considered himself very lucky that Mulmaster's current situation permitted him to join his two interests into a profitable venture. However, he was always in fear of a misstep that could cost him his business and social standing. Urdun liked to flirt with female patrons.[1]


Urdun was a dancer who at one point opened the festhall the Wave and Wink with his wife Kata Brizik. Soon it became one of the most popular festhalls in the city.[1]


In 1491 DR, however, during a party for the birthday of Zora Tiega Gos, his wife inexplicably burned Tiega. He agreed with Zor Faltyn Gos to hire an adventuring party to uncover the truth.[1]




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