Urlgen Threefist is a male orc and son of King Obould Many-Arrows.


Urlgen led some of his fathers forces agains the Shallows, which was ultimately levelled by the attack. The attack was from the orcs fighting from the south and some of Dame Gerti Orelsdottr's giants throwing stones from across a ravine to the north. The attack though successful, ultimately allowed for the companions rescue as Regis, having become much braver, though still frightened, escapes with the help of a worg and the orc rider using his ruby pendant to entrance the rider.

Bruenor is in dire trouble, barely alive as the Shallows falls around them. Bruenor having gone over the wall into the orcs causing them a great deal of trouble, but ultimately he fell and was seemingly in a coma for a while. Urlgen though, had eradicated the town, even ultimately causing the death of Withegroo Seian'Doo the wizard.

Urlgen is approached during the campaign by Gerti, seeking in her own way to diminish his fathers standing, lending aid to him of a number of giants. These frost giants start building giant catapults to help crush the dwarves standing against him. Nanfoodle actually causes the catapults to collapse however, using his knowledge as an alchemist to make the wood weaker.


The fight was intense and he wrong foots Innovindil when he uses his head butt against her, leaving her a little stunned, but she ultimately recovers. The fight was motivated by the slaying of her companion and then lover, Tarathiel and though it was actually the Orc King himself, she wants to cause the King as much pain as she feels.

Ultimately, Urlgen falls to a dagger at Innovindil's hand as he goes to use his third hand (head butt), but she was prepared and brought her boot dagger up as he drives his head against it, ultimately driving the dagger even further into his skull before straightening, blood pouring from his wound as he falls.

Whilst Innovindil fought with Urlgen, Drizzt and Guenhwyvar provide her with cover, keeping the other orcs from the fight.