Uruth Ukrypt was the king of the orcs of the Sword Mountains and led the orc invasion of Nimoar's Hold (which later became Waterdeep) in the Orcfastings War in 936 DR.[1]


Uruth was a massive tusker.[1]


Uruth was an orc chieftain until 927 DR, when the shaman Wund crowned him king. His orcs instigated the Orcfastings War in 936 DR and he led them to victory in the Battle of Whirling Blades, the Battle of Sarcrag and the Battle of Withered Fields. He held Nimoar's Hold (which later became Waterdeep) under siege until it was broken at the Battle of Burning Cliffs.[1]

In 951 DR, Uruth and his orcs laid waste to the human village of Phandalin.[2]

Subsequently, Uruth was killed in the Battle of the Westwood.[1]


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