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Urz Jaerle was a drow priest of Vhaeraun in 1375 DR.[1]


Urz was a priest from House Jaelre who joined Malvag's plot.[1]

Urz attacked Eilistraee's shrine in the Gray Forest, claiming the soul of a priestess.

Later, he went to Malvag in a designated location to cast a spell that allowed Vhaeraun to enter Eilistraee's domain undetected.[1]

He was later killed by his fellow Szorak (in truth, Q'arlynd Melarn in disguise).[1]

Malvag managed to resurrect him after the casting of the spell but the returned Urz explained that it was Eilistraee who had killed Vhaeraun and claimed his portfolio. Afterward, he descended into madness.[1]





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