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Huh, I can make a blog post too.

After getting a bad cold last week, the only thing I felt able to do was wiki writing, but didn't feel like tackling anything big. I picked over my current projects — temples and priests of the church of Ilmater, "The Bounty Seekers Of Manshaka", etc. — for a while, but couldn't get inspired. I'm a bit worn-out on the Ilmater topic, and I need to make a big Manshaka article to enter comics lore, and if I'm going to do that, I might as well work on another city. I seem to have lots of big content projects on the go. In the end, I realised what I really wanted was to go back to my home in the Realms, the Vast, and finish my work there. :D So, I went to Highbank Forest, the roads, and now I'm at Tantras. That will be a beast of a project. — BadCatMan (talk) 09:51, May 27, 2014 (UTC)

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