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    5E Realms

    August 17, 2012 by Cronje

    I watched the live video of GenCon with Ed Greenwood, and want to share what I learned:

    There will be an event that transitions from 4th to 5th edition, known as the Sundering. Ed has assured us that this isn't as jarring as the Time of Troubles or the Spellplague. This story will be told by six veteran Realms writers, each with their own novel. They are as follows:

    • The Companions - R.A. Salvatore
    • The Godborn - Paul S. Kemp
    • The Adversary - Erin M. Evans
    • The Reaver - Richard Lee Byers
    • The Sentinel - Troy Denning
    • The Herald - Ed Greenwood

    Second day edit: These novels will come out every two months starting in August of 2013.

    Wizards of the Coast will be publishing a number of adventures and then taking the results of those adventures (from sanctioned events,…

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  • Cronje

    My Status

    August 12, 2012 by Cronje

    I know I haven't been editing much lately. This is mostly due to the shift I've been assigned at work, which doesn't give me many daylight hours to get things done. However, I intend to clear up Category:Articles nominated for deletion on my next day off, which is this coming Thursday and maybe work on a few other issues.

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  • Cronje

    Oasis/New Wikia Look Solution

    November 17, 2010 by Cronje

    If you're like me and hate the new skin that the Big Wigs at Wikia have forced upon us, I have a (limited) workaround. If you use Firefox or Chrome, download the Userstyles addon (that link has links to the browser-specific addons) and use the code below. What it does is:

    • Changes the page's width from fixed width to variable width.
    • Removes the 'Latest Photos' section on the right (you can keep this by getting rid of the .LatestPhotosModule line.
    • Shrinks the annoying toolbar at the bottom so that its the same width as the right pane in the layout. That way, it won't float over any in-browser search you do.

    Please note that I haven't fully tested it and therefore there may be certain pages that still show the fixed width crap.

    Please let me know wh…

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