If you're like me and hate the new skin that the Big Wigs at Wikia have forced upon us, I have a (limited) workaround. If you use Firefox or Chrome, download the Userstyles addon (that link has links to the browser-specific addons) and use the code below. What it does is:

  • Changes the page's width from fixed width to variable width.
  • Removes the 'Latest Photos' section on the right (you can keep this by getting rid of the .LatestPhotosModule line.
  • Shrinks the annoying toolbar at the bottom so that its the same width as the right pane in the layout. That way, it won't float over any in-browser search you do.

Please note that I haven't fully tested it and therefore there may be certain pages that still show the fixed width crap.

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
.WikiaPage {width: auto !important;}
.WikiaHeader {width: auto !important}
.WikiaHeader nav:before {width: auto !important}
.GlobalNavigation .subnav {width: auto !important}
.WikiaPage {width: auto !important}
.WikiaMainContent {width: 76% !important}
.LatestPhotosModule {display: none !important}
.banner-corner-left, .banner-corner-right {display: none !important;}
.skin-oasis #wikiPreview {margin-right: 0px !important;}

.WikiaFooter .toolbar {
   margin-left: 0px !important;
   width: 300px !important;
   right: 10px !important;

Please let me know what you think.

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