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    January 7, 2013 by Draciilia

    How to make Talismans

    Items needed:

    ~ Something to be the talisman ( cloth with a sign on it, bell, bead, wand, etc.)

    ~ Lake, forest, feild, mountain, etc.

    Spiritual items needed:

    ~ Made up chant

    ~ Red moon ( something special happening in space: metiorite shower, full moon, red full moon works best,)


    Take the talisman hold it up to the moon and say the chant. If It's for you and your Best friend go ahead it still works-it works even more with two people! More magic is entered into the talisman with two people. Take a moment and breathe in the air and let the magic flow through you. Open your eyes and be happy. If you can, hang it over your bed, sleep next to it, or put it under your pillow. Sleep, sleep, sleep! The next day if you fin…

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