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    What I'm Reading

    March 30, 2010 by Genasiwonder

    Son of Thunder

    So far, I'm not too far. Only a few chapters in, but the main thing that has been vexing me is why I know the name of Ardeth Chale and where I've seen it before, if I've even heard mention of the name before or if I'm confusing it from something entirely unrelated. If anyone has some insight let me know =P

    it seems like an interesting read though, I'm happy to be learning more about the uthgardt tribes and barbarians in general. So far I think the most I've read on barbarians is Wulfgar from R.A. Salvatore's works. I always enjoy new realms lore.

    EDIT- Just finished the book last night. It was good, I enjoyed learning a little more about the Uthgardt barbarians and the different tribes. Never knew the barbarians came from.....…

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    Since this is the first of such a blog, I plan on listing all of the Forgotten Realms books I have read, and all the rest I own and have yet to read. So far I have not decided if I will review the books as I read them, or give a short review/summary once I'm done. First off, I enjoy all the books I have read and have no real negative critiques, sure, some may not be of the same quality, and I'm sure there are plenty readers and writers out there who might disagree completely, but as for myself, I just like a good story that sends my mind to a wonderful place. So as far as reviews go, it will more likely be just my feelings on the story and not a general recommendation for those of you out there that might read these blogs.

    The second reason…

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    First blog

    January 29, 2010 by Genasiwonder

    Hi everyone here at Forgotten Realms Wiki,

    Just want to say hi, and I hope we all share the same passion for the beautiful and ever expanding world of Faerun. I have not decided what I will be doing to contribute more to this wiki, I love adding more knowledge about our beloved Forgotten Realms, but I also love the notion of fan fiction, which I may or may not post, we'll see. For now, I hope to enjoy learning more and more each day and helping others learn more with what little knowledge I might be able to contribute in the future.

    Until next time,

    P.J. Becker

    Edit- has there been much subject matter on the Dragonborn? 4e and the Spellplague came around and it seems as though I've not come across any material on them. Possibly thinking of som…

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