Since this is the first of such a blog, I plan on listing all of the Forgotten Realms books I have read, and all the rest I own and have yet to read. So far I have not decided if I will review the books as I read them, or give a short review/summary once I'm done. First off, I enjoy all the books I have read and have no real negative critiques, sure, some may not be of the same quality, and I'm sure there are plenty readers and writers out there who might disagree completely, but as for myself, I just like a good story that sends my mind to a wonderful place. So as far as reviews go, it will more likely be just my feelings on the story and not a general recommendation for those of you out there that might read these blogs.

The second reason I have decided to write these is simply to write more often, after all, practice makes perfect they say. So while spending hours away in Faerun, instead of simply moving on the next and ignoring my own writing, I will be giving myself something to write about and hopefully inspire myself to write not only this blog but my own material instead of wasting my free time wishing I had a book out already. Any aspiring writers out there, best way to get better is to write often. Also check out the website [Writing Excuses] for great podcasts from published authors designed to help people like us.

I’m sure like me there are probably thousands of people out there who dream of contributing to the Forgotten Realms settings by adding there own books to the already large collection that has been and are still being published. Keep working toward that dream, even if we don’t get to join the ranks of the accomplished writers WotC already has, at least we will be pushing ourselves to become better as writers. At least that’s what I tell myself lol.

Anyhow, I suppose I’ll get down to business. First off, a list of the FR books I own and have already read, and a list of the books I own but have yet to read.

The books I’ve read

Lets start off with one of the best-known series/Authors FR has to offer. Sure, I’ll admit that I myself only started reading the FR books because of R. A. Salvatore, as I’m sure many others can claim as well. Though now I will say, I wish he didn’t soak up so much attention from the many, equally talented authors that write for FR. But like sex, Drizzt sells. (I’m also linking them as groups where I can, otherwise the list of single books would be too long)

Dark Elf Trilogy –the first set of books I had the pleasure of reading, I remember finding the collection in a Borders in the Albany, OR mall. I’ll tell you now, its one book I’m glad I judged by the cover. I think this was in 1998, while visiting my father for the summer.

Icewind Dale Trilogy – of course once I read the dark elf trilogy and saw that there were more, I had to get these ones. And so it is for pretty much every FR book I own now, they simply offer so much, and they never grow old for me.

Legacy of the Drow

Paths of Darkness

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy


The Orc King

The Pirate King

The Ghost King

The Sellswords

Cleric Quintet

And now I move onto the many other authors and series I bought after realizing there was so much more than Drizzt in the forgotten realms setting.

War of the Spider Queen

Blades of the Moonsea – Just finished the third book last night as a matter of fact. I need to get off my arse and update the info on the wiki for the trilogy.

The Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy

Abolethic Sovereignty – The first two in the series at this point in time, the third has yet to be released.

Return of the Archwizards – I loved this trilogy, I was also pleasantly surprised to see how many of the FR books can tie into each other, as these (chronologically as far as I can tell) happen just before one of my favorite series, the Erevis Cale books.

Elminster series – I always heard about the guy, finally got around to reading about him =P

Erevis Cale trilogy – one of my favorites, I’m also currently reading the entire collection to my wife, we just finished book one and started book two the other night.

The Twilight War – I think they got even better here.

The Threat from the Sea – Mel Odom, a recent acquisition, enjoyed it thoroughly.

House of Serpents – Lisa Smedman captured me with this trilogy, loved all the lore in it. I love meeting all the different races and history Toril has to offer.

The Empyrean Odyssey – Only own the first two, need to reread them before I get the third I think, I got sidetracked and forgot too much. Liked em though, from what I can remember lol.

Now I think I have to list the individual books, though actually, its only four.

SembiaThe Halls of Stormweather Bought it mainly to read about cale but enjoyed it and will be getting the rest of the series soon.

The Fall of Highwatch – enjoyed this one, looking forward to the trilogy.

FightersMaster of Chains and Ghostwalker, both were great stand-alone stories, and I am purchasing the rest as I find them.

Now for the to-read list, all of which I own after a recent splurge at a used book store with a wonderfully varied wall of FR novels, and a few newer ones sprinkled in.

The Avatar Series – the first three in the series

The Cormyr SagaCormyr: A Novel

Counselors & Kings – All three, excited to read about Halruaa, only ever read mentions of it.

WaterdeepBlackstaff Tower

FightersSon of Thunder Just got this one today. Actually plan on reading it next.

The Last Mythal – The used bookstore only had the first in the trilogy, but I enjoy Richard Baker and I’m sure I’ll buy the rest soon.

Moonshae Trilogy – The first, my wife picked it out.

Shandril's Saga – All three.

Twilight Giants – the full trilogy by Troy Denning

Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters

Ah, so many more books to read still. I’ll get to more soon enough. I’ll start my next blog after I have finished reading FightersSon of Thunder

Thanks for reading, hope it was a little interesting, perhaps my next one will be more than just a list of books =P

P.J Becker