Son of Thunder

So far, I'm not too far. Only a few chapters in, but the main thing that has been vexing me is why I know the name of Ardeth Chale and where I've seen it before, if I've even heard mention of the name before or if I'm confusing it from something entirely unrelated. If anyone has some insight let me know =P

it seems like an interesting read though, I'm happy to be learning more about the uthgardt tribes and barbarians in general. So far I think the most I've read on barbarians is Wulfgar from R.A. Salvatore's works. I always enjoy new realms lore.

EDIT- Just finished the book last night. It was good, I enjoyed learning a little more about the Uthgardt barbarians and the different tribes. Never knew the barbarians came from......where they did. Dont want to give anything away in case anyone is interested.

Might have read of the name Ardeth Chale from the Return of the Archwizards trilogy, probably the second or third book. Now I'll have to reread them lol ><

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