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    June 13, 2017 by Hashimashadoo

    I haven't written one of these things in a long time, but I feel the need to right now (insomnia helps).

    I've been living in a bad place for just over seven years now. Because therapy did very little to help my depression caused mostly from living in that situation, I threw myself into work to distract myself from it instead.

    Nowadays I run my own gaming club, act as a political commentator, do tech support work at my local library, help to build homes for people on low incomes, and do community outreach for local elderly people. I also moderate the biggest Forgotten Realms community on Facebook (but turned down administering it as there simply isn't enough time in the day). When I wasn't working, I was sleeping or travelling to work (someti…

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  • Hashimashadoo

    Just managed to get my grubby little mitts on almost all of the back-issues of Polyhedron magazine save for #9. I had several of them before but now I have access to pretty much every piece of Realmslore held within.

    I'm supposed to also be getting a new laptop tomorrow that should actually be capable of running my copy of Sword Coast Legends that I've not been able to play since I got it as a Christmas present. I have started on Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear already however - it's good, if a bit buggy. The new User Interface has some problems and the AI of some enemies and NPCs leaves a lot to be desired but I'm sure that will be sorted in the first couple of rounds of patches.

    I've also kept involved with tabletop gaming. I've been c…

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    New source editor

    April 5, 2015 by Hashimashadoo

    Absolutely love it. Not only does it point out your mistakes as you make them but it also has a 'save as you type' function. I was just working on an article when the laptop I was using suddenly crashed. Thinking I'd lost all of what I'd done, I was pleasantly surprised to see almost all of what I'd written was still there when I booted back up.

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  • Hashimashadoo

    Quick update

    February 10, 2015 by Hashimashadoo

    Don't have much time so this'll have to be brief.

    My recent articles were the product of a short period of good net access which is now gone. This is particularly awkward because a buddy of mine is running a campaign set in the Utter East and western Kara-Tur so I was hoping I could add relevant content on his areas of interest. Instead, I may have to loan him some of my sourcebooks which will be difficult to transport without borrowing someone's car.

    Otherwise, I'm super busy and not being paid enough. Same old, same old.

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    What's going on

    September 11, 2014 by Hashimashadoo

    So my contract with the library ended in July. I really enjoyed working there but they couldn't renew it. This meant that I lost access to a regular Wi-Fi connection.

    I do have a new job but it doesn't afford me the freedom of the last one (though it's more interesting). This means that I have about half an hour of time on the internet per day with which I have to fit all of my internet activity into - no time left for editing. My best estimates show that things won't start looking up on the internet front for another eleven months.

    Everybody I discuss my lack of internet with remarks at first with surprise, then they comment on its ridiculousness and finally with commiserations.

    I hate having to apologise for my lack of activity but what els…

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