I came back from a great evening out with friends and loved ones watching The Dark Knight Rises (great film btw) on the 25th of July, only to be told that I'd been disconnected from the internet again.

I had just over 2 months of home internet since I was last in this same situation. Just enough time for me to have started making connections with people that I haven't spoken to since 2009, just enough time for me to become part of online communities - like this one - again, just enough time to make me depressed that I don't have something that I'd been getting on fine without for 3 years.

I won't go into details but I'm really pissed off with those responsible for this.

The gaming group is doing better. It's summer so we have more opportunities and impetus to meet, though our Thursday evening routine is so ingrained that it took us a while to even start thinking about meeting up on other days.

Pointless chatter levels are down (though not gone) and we're making faster progress through the campaign. In our last session we almost completed a small dungeon - something that would've taken 3 sessions when we first started playing.

Still, I can't help but feel that something bad is going to happen very soon. Something unrelated to the adventure(s) that the players seem to be making.

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