Not only have I had my internet time cut infernally short AGAIN, I find myself distracted by Paizo's wonderful RPG - Pathfinder.

I never really converted from 3.5 to 4th edition DnD and I'm thinking of looking for people to playtest 5th edition with me but Pathfinder fixes all the issues I had with 3.5 without making a significant departure from the details that I've already memorized (I'm a walking encyclopedia of the 3.5 ruleset).

Not only do I enjoy the rules, I also like the world of Golarion - the campaign setting for the vast majority of Pathfinder's adventures. A friend of mine burned me a DVD with all the pdfs they own so that I could begin work on writing and running games for them and I expect to begin buying some of the books in a month or so.

So far, I've been having tremendous fun in Sandpoint - sort of Golarion's answer to Shadowdale in that it is highly detailed (but lacking any high-level NPCs) - with a new group that I've joined in the last couple of months, working out the differences between 3.5 DnD and PFRPG, as well as experimenting with the points I plan on using in the games that I'm writing.

This, coupled with my lack of internet access, has further stymied my contributions to the wiki. Sorry guys. If I could get myself a dedicated internet connection I'd spend all of the time that I currently spend not sleeping on here but currently, I can only really get on when I go to the library which is a 25 minute journey from my house that also costs me an unfair amount of money (£3 for transport and £2 an hour for access to the internet for more than a measly half an hour).

Sometimes I hate living in the middle of nowhere.

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