When the Living Forgotten Realms campaign was essentially dropped back in 2006, all of the modules were supposed to have been available for sale at RPGA booths at conventions (at least that's what I heard). Not only do I not live in the states & therefore couldn't get to an RPGA booth but the way LFR was dropped meant that all support disappeared as well and noone sold all of the modules.

Thanks to the efforts of my wonderful girlfriend, I now possess 23 of the 28 modules published but so little is remembered of the campaign that I'm finding these last few modules impossible to get a hold of. There's a guy in Texas selling off two of the modules (LGR16 - In Cold Blood & LGR17 - Tour of Duty) for $15 each but those are both ones I already possess. I've been searching for these babies for 4 years and to have come this close but still have so far to go is just driving me mad.


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