I haven't written one of these things in a long time, but I feel the need to right now (insomnia helps).

I've been living in a bad place for just over seven years now. Because therapy did very little to help my depression caused mostly from living in that situation, I threw myself into work to distract myself from it instead.

Nowadays I run my own gaming club, act as a political commentator, do tech support work at my local library, help to build homes for people on low incomes, and do community outreach for local elderly people. I also moderate the biggest Forgotten Realms community on Facebook (but turned down administering it as there simply isn't enough time in the day). When I wasn't working, I was sleeping or travelling to work (sometimes both) and what little of my free time I had was spent playing/running games of Dungeons & Dragons. So yeah, you could say that I was keeping busy and this definitely helped me to avoid the worst effects of depression.

Now, I'm moving out of that hellhole with a couple of friends to a place where I can sleep in longer, cut down on transportation costs, have better access to the places I want/need to go and hopefully just be a more happy person. The move should be finalised by August at the latest - I'm organizing an event with my club for a local convention at the beginning of July and a LOT of work needs to be done to the new place in order to make it more than just 'habitable' but once that's sorted, I can hopefully spend more time editing here since I shouldn't have the issues with internet connectivity that I do right now.

Most of my work for the wiki over the last year has been social media marketing - it'll be a nice change to get back to actually adding realmslore to these pages. I'm also hoping to use the contacts that I've made with talented Forgotten Realms fans and FR authors to boost this site's profile higher than the heady heights that it has already achieved.

Alright, it's dawn now. I'd better attempt to get some sleep - I have a work meeting in six-and-a-half hours.

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