Our Artificier is still distracting the party, slowing down the group's progress through the campaign but the others have finally seen the best use for him: creating things! This has at least provided a level of acceptance. He can make masterwork quality items for 1/3 cost and scribe scrolls dirt cheap. 20 scrolls of cure light wounds and a load of masterwork arms and armour later, the group like him a lot more. He also doubles as an efficient rogue which is great as the party rogue was killed by a wortling in the last adventure. The rogue then rolled up a bard which has proved to be a further boon to the party, he has the best ability scores I've ever witnessed being rolled during character creation. Inspiring courage really helps out with my players bad luck too. It's statistically improbable that d20s consistently roll so low but them's the breaks.

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