After a rest, the party has gotten back to adventuring. So far, they're doing better than normal (with one follower being the exception. He's been the frequent victim of drain attacks and the party lacks restorative magic). They managed to get through a section of dungeon I thought they'd find much more difficult. As it turns out, it was merely annoying.

I managed to get a friend to come join in yesterday, though he's said from the get-go that he won't be there every week.

As for me, I'm getting really distracted by new ideas. All of the ones I've pitched to the group have been supported but, just like this current evil campaign I'm worried that they'll jump the gun and pressure me to start them. I've never been blessed with a great deal of focus but I'm going to have to draw upon my reserves in the coming weeks.

Edit: The last session saw a Frenzied Berserker NPC follower get reduced to 1 Constitution by a pair of Crimson Deaths. At least the party will be able to easily subdue him if he goes into a Frenzy next time.

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