From my user page, people can see when I am possibly available for editing/help.

This is a drastic improvement over the situation I was in 2 weeks ago but still not ideal. I tend to sleep during a lot of the time that I could potentially go online and I can't spend all of my time on this site.

However, as you've hopefully seen on pages like Thazalhar I am making more of an effort to source my articles whereas in the past, this was something that I'd decided to allay in order to input raw information.

I am in great demand over on Legacy of Kain wiki but this site will always come first.

Of course, tonight is Thursday which, for the forseeable future, is game night and thus I will be preoccupied preparing for it during the day and running it at night. I don't know how long the venue we currently have will be available to our group but we tentatively have another set up when our current one becomes unavailable.

I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that the situation remains tenable.

Ta ta. -Hash

P.S. Oh, I should mention that the reason why I have this limited net access is due to the untimely death of my grandmother. I shan't go into specifics but this is one of the best presents that she ever got me. I wish I could go to her funeral but unless I make my own (extremely expensive) arrangements, that seems like an unlikely possibility.

She will be missed by a tonne of people and I wish I could afford to pay my respects at her grave but money is tight right now and there isn't enough to travel 500 miles and rent a hotel room.

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