My gaming group has had to stop meeting for the time being for two reasons involving the guy who hosts us. Reason the first: He has come down with a case of head lice and, so perturbed by them are myself and my players that we wish them gone before we return. Reason the second: His heartless grandfather will soon die of testicular cancer. The man is a vile brute who beat his wife, child and grandchild but, out of familial respect (and perhaps in hope of a deathbed apology) our host is going away to visit him before he dies.

So there will be no Dungeons and Dragons for the nonce.

I've been filling the time freed up by not gaming with reading. I've still got 2 books of George Martin's Song of Ice & Fire saga to get through and I've also been converting the NY dates from Netheril: Empire of Magic into DR to put up here when I have the time.


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