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Update on the game group

For the longest time it seems, our group was looking for a 4th player to balance the exp:challenge ratio. When we lost our original No.3 to time constraints I considered giving up, even though 1 & 2 were still super-eager. Suddenly we get three applications all at once! How excited were we at that point?

Last week was our first session. Our new No. 3 couldn't make it but No. 2 had to go pick up 5 & 6 as they didn't know where we were holding the game. Myself & No. 1 arrived a little later than I'd hoped but when we got there only No. 4 was waiting, no sign of the other three people we were expecting. Turns out No. 2 is prone to misadventures and this time he had gotten on a bus going in completely the opposite direction to where he was supposed to be. When he finally got to his rendezvous 5 & 6 were nowhere to be seen. No. 2 arrived at the venue a little later & we set up the gaming table. This is when No. 4 announces that although she has a concept, she doesn't actually have a character sheet.

So I load up my .pdf versions of my sourcebooks (no way I'm lugging my sourcebook archive to the venue) onto No. 2's ancient laptop and guide No. 4 through the character creation process. Now, I'm not kidding when I say this laptop is ancient. It's also badly in need of maintenance(and an anti-malware package!) so we struggle through freezes, crashes & achingly slow load times until No. 4 has her druid created and in sheet form. We look at the clock. Four hours have passed!

Needless to say we shan't be using No. 2's laptop again! No. 1 promised to bring hers.

No. 4 was too tired to play through a quickie adventure so we all parted ways, hopefully ready for tonights second session. I haven't had any contact from 5 or 6 since before that night so I worry that we'll be down to four players anyway. Oh well, four players is more than two.

Party set-up:

No. 1 - Female Rock Gnome Sorceress

No. 2 - Male Moon Elf Rogue

No. 3 - Male Human Paladin

No. 4 - Female Wild Elf Druid

Wish them luck in their first adventure tonight in the Delimbiyr Vale.

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