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List of New Drow Names and House Names

I'm putting a list of new Drow names and house names that I've come up with even through I don't know the meanings of these new Drow names and house names that I'm going to need someone's ok with these new Drow names and house names, and I hoped you would like these new Drow names and house names, and here is the list below.

Ardax(male name)

Arrinjo(male name)

Arrondax(male name)

Barzt(male name)

Blu'Runja(house name)

Crizzt(male name)

Daknafein(male name)

Dakrizzar(male name)

Dakrizzen(male name)

Darkrizzar(male name)

Darkrizzen(male name)

Darzt(male name)

Dayanna(female name)

Daydra(female name)

Do'Vandrin(house name)

Drrinjo(male name)

Drrondax(male name)

Garzt(male name)

Gath'Urden(house name)

Grizzar(male name)

Grizzen(male name)

Grizzt(male name)

Grrinjo(male name)

Grrondax(male name)

Jaknafein(male name)

Jakrizzar(male name)

Jakrizzen(male name)

Jarzt(male name)

Jrrondax(male name)

Jayanna(female name)

Jaydra(female name)

Jinanna(female name)

Jindra(female name)

Jyanna(female name)

Jydra(female name)

Karzt(male name)

Krisanna(female name)

Krisdra(female name)

Krizzar(male name)

Krizzen(male name)

Krrinjo(male name)

Krrondax(male name)

Kurzzar(male name)

Kurzzen(male name)

Kurzzt(male name)

Lavrisanna(female name)

Lavrisdra(female name)

Lav'Urden(house name)

Mrizzar(male name)

Mrizzen(male name)

Raknafein(male name)

Ru'Nighym(house name)

Ru'Urden(house name)

Ru'Vandrin(house name)

Sho'Blurden(house name)

Taknafein(male name)

Takrizzar(male name)

Takrizzen(male name)

Tayanna(female name)

Taydra(female name)

Trisanna(female name)

Trisdra(female name)

Trizzar(male name)

Trizzen(male name)

Trizzt(male name)

Trrinjo(male name)

Trrondax(male name)

Turzzar(male name)

Turzzen(male name)

Turzzt(male name)

Urrondax(male name)

Vaknafein(male name)

Vakrizzar(male name)

Varzt(male name)

Vayanna(female name)

Vaydra(female name)

Vrizzen(male name)

Vrizzar(male name)

Vrizzen(male nmae)

Vrizzt(male name)

Von'Bluja(house name)

Von'Gorune(house name)

Von'Hellurden(house name)

Von'Urden(house name)

Vrisanna(female name)

Vrisdra(female name)

Zakrizzar(male name)

Zakrizzen(male name)

Zarkrizzar(male name)

Zarkrizzen(male name)

Zath'Urden(house name)

Zhealanna(female name)

Zhealdra(female name)

Zinanna(fimale name)

Zindra(female name)

Zrrinjo(male name)

Zrrondax(male name)

Zayanna(female name)

Zaydra(female name)

Zrisanna(female name)

Zrisdra(female name)

Zyanna(female name)

Zydra(female name)

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