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July 5, 2009
  • Lord Storm of Ravens Bluff

    I am creating a series of My Realms Adventure based on my Living City Character Lord Storm (created in the mid 90s), a wizard devoted to Mystra (He was an Arcane Devotee in 3E). When LFR came back I decided to play a grandson of Lord Storm, several of my kids who also actively play D&D also decided to play descedents of the PC. We created a backstory for what happened to the Storm family over the last 100 years. Mystra's death will have play a big part in this, although I'm unsure where to take it since Wizards has not explained the background of her death. A PC I play Tarl Storm refuses to believe that Mystra is truly dead (she always came back before), but accepts the reality that Corellon is holding this power for her currently. I am al…

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