I am creating a series of My Realms Adventure based on my Living City Character Lord Storm (created in the mid 90s), a wizard devoted to Mystra (He was an Arcane Devotee in 3E). When LFR came back I decided to play a grandson of Lord Storm, several of my kids who also actively play D&D also decided to play descedents of the PC. We created a backstory for what happened to the Storm family over the last 100 years. Mystra's death will have play a big part in this, although I'm unsure where to take it since Wizards has not explained the background of her death. A PC I play Tarl Storm refuses to believe that Mystra is truly dead (she always came back before), but accepts the reality that Corellon is holding this power for her currently. I am also creating an adventuring company called Lord Storm's Family according to LFR rules, it will be open to any player that want to create a family member or a PC that descends from a PC that knew Lord Storm in LC and thus is a "friend of the family".

BTW I'll note when pages are player readable by putting (Player) in the blog title, if the blog contains adventure design I'll put (Secret) for things that players shouldn't know about and should be "surprised" by it in the adventure.

Lord Storm had a very magical Mansion (since he knew the permancy spell in 3E as well the many spells that worked for very long periods of time). This part of the backstory is that when the spell plague hit the Realms it affected the Mansion, the building was eneveloped in blue glow. Lord Storm quickly ordered an evacuation of the mansion, Family members made it out but the mansion disappeared. Lord Storm tried to find the mansion (magical divinations) but fell into a coma surrounded by a blue glow during the process. He has been in the coma for the last hundread years. His wife a beautiful (1/2?) elven woman (Cleric of Mystra) has kept watch over his body for this period as well as raising the children and subsequent grandchildren of Lord Storm. She frequently send family members on adventures to aid people and do research into Lord Storm's "problem".

Readers of this blog are invited to provide suggestions about what a magical mansion warped by the spellplague might contain. I'm willing to run the modules (as each is completed) for other LFR players... so becareful what you read if you want to play the adventures, why spoiil all the fun.

Design goal - create a fun series of adventures full of mystery, exploration and danger. Who knows what a room might hold or how the spellplauge may have changed it.

I'll start posting each room as it was before the spellplague hit and let people provide suggestions.

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