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    So today I had my first time as a DM and well here is the story so far.

    In early Uktar in the deepest of night a ship travelled towards Baldur's Gate, stopping far away from the harbour and letting the travels travel in to the city by raft.
    As the raft ended it journey, the old sailor whom had taken them there asked for a silver coin with his sea salted hand.
    His face lit up as he was given 4 silver coins, he helped his travels off the boat and then limped of the the nearest tavern.
    The travellers steeped in to the cold Balduran night:
    A Dragonborn Barbarian, a Human Paladin of Tyr, a Forest Gnome Monk, A Human fighter, A Human Wizard(/cleric), A Wood elf ranger...
    The grey docks stood empty of life but filled with songs of the sea. The party t…

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    The road beings here

    November 6, 2014 by Terrorblades

    So now I have the starter set, Players handbook and the Monster manual and I feel like there are great adventures ahead even if I'm as always nervous of screwing up. I wonder when they will release a Forgotten realms Players/DM's handbook? These books seam to have a big focus on TFR which is allot of fun but teasing... I have never really blogged before so this is going to be rambling... as every thing else I do.

    I find allot of things interesting, even if I haven't read the entire thing, the halflings have now 2 main races Strongheart and Lightfoot.. I hope we dont lose the ghostwise. Clerics have six domains now and that puts the say 20+ domains of older versions into a awkward... On that note maybe we should make a 4e domains thingy and …

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