So now I have the starter set, Players handbook and the Monster manual and I feel like there are great adventures ahead even if I'm as always nervous of screwing up. I wonder when they will release a Forgotten realms Players/DM's handbook? These books seam to have a big focus on TFR which is allot of fun but teasing... I have never really blogged before so this is going to be rambling... as every thing else I do.

I find allot of things interesting, even if I haven't read the entire thing, the halflings have now 2 main races Strongheart and Lightfoot.. I hope we dont lose the ghostwise. Clerics have six domains now and that puts the say 20+ domains of older versions into a awkward... On that note maybe we should make a 4e domains thingy and a 5e domain thing? *sigh*

Work is stressful right now... just wanted to get that out of my system.

Yondalla was mentioned in the gods list... last "Halfling godess of fertility and protection" Soooo shes not Chauntea any more? The new cosmic realms things looks nice but I cant find the plains of light... Shadowfell is the plane of shadow... So then Shakes come from and own that plain?

In other news I have finally made a list to make sure that I actually do the pages that I set out to do... My final goal with Luiren is to make it well enough to become a featured article...

I plan to start my adventure in Baldur´s gate or Amn where the party will take a local quest or to simple to start with, then they'll get the eye of a rich and joyous Merchant price or bright coin of some type. He/She will take them to adventures and stuff fight for the good of there own country, battling another more sinister lord/mistress... smaller merchant coasters and adventurers, Thay'an remnants... I don't really know what to plan so far I have never been a DM, I planed to do it in Pathfinder but with the release of 5e I figured I'd rather do that. My guess is that I make characters give them motivations and plots pick villains and give them credible reasons to fight against the heroes and then construct a fluent world where there struggle will create more problems or events as reactions to the other events... I feel like I want Bane to send Crusaders at some point to battle the group maybe root out a Baneite stronghold... Any tips would be nice.

Hmmm... In the docks of Baldur's Gate a small vessel lands occupants on the bridge. Morty the old sailor and his voyagers for this night. A party of (from the looks of it right now) three adventurers, the cold night of the city of sails seams to be a soften whisper of the oncoming winter. The dockside taverns glows warmly, the voices echo out from the glowing doors and speak over each other and are ever so often interrupted by a shout, cheer or even song. Morty gives a coughing laugh as one of the old rowdy sailor songs starts in one of the nearby taverns, he hums and mouths the tune to himself lost in memory. Mortys dry eye looks at the adventurers as he reaches out a hand "Spare an extra silver peace for this ol' silver light sailor?".

I'm thinking that would be the start?

Have a good day every one :)

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