King Uth I (full name Uth Myrmoran) was a human who constructed Uthtower and became self-proclaimed king of a small port settlement on the Sword Coast North that would later become Myrmoran.[2]


Uth's eldest son was Ornoth Myrmoran.[2]


Uth was a Lord of Tavaray until he was exiled. He moved to a small port settlement nearby and, in 146 DR, he built Uthtower on a rocky hill nearby. He brought a company of Shoon mercenaries with him, and proclaimed himself king, intending to build a great realm from this first settlement. He had brought with him a great deal of personal wealth from Tavaray and used this to pay off anyone who was opposed to him seizing power. He named his new settlement after himself, naming it Myrmoran.[2]

Uth began to feel the effects of age around 158 DR, when his eldest son Ornoth Myrmoran began to run the government, and died a decade later in 168 DR.[2]


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